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Gewurztraminer, Select Late Harvest, San Benito County
Gewurztraminer, San Benito County, Select Late Harvest

  Located just north of the Salinas Valley, Pebble Ridge is a hillside vineyard with a southwest exposure. Planted in the mid-1990s, the vineyard sometimes has optimum conditions for development of Botrytis cinerea, the "noble rot" that concentrates sugars, acids, aromas and flavors and enables us to produce remarkable late harvest wines.

Gently hand harvested, the grapes were destemmed and crushed in our press. Botrytized grapes yield very little juice but great amounts of sugar. In order to extract the most juice, sugar and flavor, we allowed the juice and skins to remain together for 24 hours before separating them. The juice then had to be cold settled for many days to remove enough grape skin solids to allow a sound fermentation. Cold fermented for 35 days in stainless steel to preserve the wonderful fruit flavors, this wine is not aged in any oak nor does it undergo any malolactic fermentation.

Tasting Notes
Honeyed apricots and honeysuckle dominate the aroma of this wine. The rare and ethereal botrytized aromas of lychee and chestnut with a twist of clove spice make this a wonder to savor. This wine is outrageously sweet and viscous with lingering flavors which make it suprising that the finish is not cloying. Enjoy now or over the next decade or two.

614 cases (375 ml bottles) produced.
Alcohol content, 9.9% by volume.